Monday, February 13, 2017

Another horny cumpilation

Yeah, I'm horny as fuck and I'm sharing a load of hot pics :)

The cumpilation

These first two photos... I wish I was that hot and delicious. Just look at the hard, smooth clit. Isn't it just perfect to be kissed, licked and sucked? :) And the girl in the second one... tied down and helpless... I'd just wear more lingerie but I'd love to be her, there, for a sissy girlfriend <3 Perfection <3

Some desires

Nothing new here as everyone knows ;) But I enjoy revealing and telling this to people, I guess because it's a bit embarrassing... and a turn-on at the same time. Weird, right?

One of the things I want to do is to be fucked in my boypussy and mouth at the same time. Preferrably by sissy girlfriends because they're so fucking hot! But in a desperate moment I guess I could maybe tolerate guys as well.

She's hard and I love it

Riding a bare cock <3 Need I explain this? <3

<3 Cum on me <3 I want cum on me <3 I need cum on me <3 On and in <3

I'm nowhere as cute as this girl... but I'd wear a collar and kitty ears with happiness - and a tail plug before being fucked ;) By the looks of it the fucker is a girl too and that is even better <3
Hmmmm. I wonder who'd be the girl to fuck me a bit? Bareback of course <3

Captions and hypno stuff

I love hypnos and sissy captions. I share the ones that are most true and fitting to me and my weird desires and girl-self :) The first one nails it: my proper place is that, sucking a dick and balls.

That's all I do - daydream of sucking cocks

Fuck yes

I wanna be filled to the brim with hot cum

And some riding

Yeah, I keep telling you that. I want to ride a cock. Girlcock. Bare cock.