Wednesday, December 16, 2015

It came and went

Things for me have been weird and not in the best way. So I've been little online lately, sorry about that :(

The famous Jossu Week

My week of my own came upon me like a lightning bolt and it also went the same way. I did have lots of fun, but not as much and not such fun as I had desired and tried to organize... Such is life, I guess.

I had been doing my best to contact those I thought could and maybe would get together and play a bit girlily. But I was not in such luck, no one replied at all. Then during the last days I got an invite to hook up with a girl who'd fucked my mouth happily... The place was just way too far away and the time in the late evening or early night and I just couldn't make it :(

Had I been interested in guys I'd gotten lucky with ease or so I tell myself. I just wasn't, I wanted another girl, fuckit! Because of my more or less healthy paranoia or panic about my secret I discarded every fucking thing I had bought for that week when it was over.

Yes, I do know how much time it took and how much it had cost, I know and understand it perfectly. Still I had to do it. At least I have some obscene photos to remember it by <3

Next up? 

I doubt I'll ever get to do anything like that anymore. It's also something I've accepted or tried to accept at least. Life's strange and its events unforeseeable, so I'll avoid using too definite terms. I'm just not trying to keep up too strong a hope and therefore protecting myself a bit from sadness and disappointment.

Something positive to wrap this annoyingly self-pitying post up: I'll go to the movies any day now and you all know what's gonna be hitting my retinas ;)

She can restrain my bolt any fucking day she wants

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