Friday, December 19, 2014

The winter solstice is near!

Whatever you folks feel like celebrating - or don't celebrate, it's all the same to me. The most important thing to me is the vacation. If it can be called a vacation, I'll be seeing relatives and such for a good two weeks, just about every day.

That sort of a "vacation" leaves little time for actual relaxation. Oh, how I love traditions :p Let's all enjoy the pretty and excited girl below, in any case! <3

See you next year, fellow wankers and tgirl fans :)

Friday, December 12, 2014

New possibilities, maybe

This will all be just speculation and maybes. You have been warned.

The difficulties of staying in the closet

I've complained plentily that I haven't got much, if any, time to play nowadays. There's no acceptably good hideout for lingerie and toys, either. Therefore I only own a single butt plug, cockring and g-string. Even they aren't in as safe a hideout as I'd like them to be.

While I'm talking about nonexistent hideouts, I'm talking about practical ones. Of course there'd be something near perfect, but then I would be facing the problem of hiding and unhiding my things and that wouldn't be quick. Thanks to the hideyness. And that would be even worse for my limited time to play gurly things.

An ancient photo of mine

Time is of the essence

Let's say that at best I could have something like 40 minutes to spend on this naughty hobby of mine, a random amount of times a month. Could be none, could be three, but incredibly rarely even five. So, very low numbers.

If I spent fifteen minutes to get my stuff from the perfectest of hideouts and drag it home, later on another fifteen to return everything back. In addition to that I would also need to set everything up, have my fun, undo and clean what needs to be cleaned. Everything else could be timed, I guess, except the playtime and doing that on the clock, thinking "I've got two minutes until I have to start packing up"... highly un-arousing, don't you think? ;)

So there: practically impossible. And it is quite depressing, not being able to be myself. I guess it's how it goes deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep inside the closet.

Another ancient photo of mine


Things are uncertain. Nothing is guaranteed. These declarations apply to life in general, as everyone knows, I guess. But still, maybe, maybe I have a whole week almost completely for myself next year!

Yeah, I know. Being happy about a semiopen week sometime next year is quite sad. But it's also the best I've faced in a handful of years. So I'll be most eagerly jumping in, if I can!

I guarantee you that if that happens, I'll get a full setup for myself. Even if I have to throw it all away after that maybe-week. It'd be so worth it and more :)

Planning already

My shopping list (that I have started setting up already) includes the usuals. A corselet with or without garters, a garter belt if needed, thigh-high stockings, a rio g-string if findable. Everything in whore-red. Or red-black, if needed. Or anything else, if it looks hot and delicious to me. This time I'd go for a wig, too, as my own hair isn't up to gurl standards by any measure :P
Heels are something I've never tried and finding a pair (in proper colour, size 42) would most likely be beyond my possibilities, but if I came across any, I'd get those as well. And a toy or three to go with them ;)

When would I know? I have no idea. Maybe by next week's Friday, maybe in May. But I promise you this: when I know, I'll let my friends online know ;) Even if I have to tell that "it's cancelled :<"