Monday, September 29, 2014

A revelation to myself

Mental, not physical revelations

It took me a good while to fall asleep one recent night. Maybe it was Friday, maybe Thursday, who cares? While I was just rolling around stupidly and trying to fall asleep, my brain just kept on working on whatever brains want to work on when they don't allow you to sleep like decent brains would.

Anyway, among a thousand other things I realized that I want to be a part of a gurltrain. I just made that word up, I guess, but it should be self-explanatory. A gurltrain is obviously a mantrain with t-girls, sissies, crossdressers and whatever other types of "girls with dangly bits" there are.

I haven't got the faintest clue if I would want to be the locomotive, the coal truck or the lonely train car in the back. All I know for a solid certainty is that I want to be there. Badly. That and eiffeling.

The sad thing is that I most likely won't get to be there, thanks to many things, of which my immeasurable shyness is maybe the biggest. And the absolute need of secrecy, which I guess is a major issue to all of us, the closet crossdresses of the known universe :)