Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Almost like myself

Another pic that shows someone who's quite a lot like myself. Of course, it's not my photo, I'll say when I post those ;)
In any case: I would just add cockrings and trade that pink thing into something red instead. Not a fan of pink, me.

Red is perfect <3

Monday, July 14, 2014

Red-hot hotness in red

It's a pic time for a change! I mean, whoever reads this blog doesn't do that because of me and my own content, obviously ;)


This girl is the perfect image of who and what I would love to be. My dream. My most likely unreachable goal. But that happens, so let's not dwell on it and ruin the day :D


Everyone knows that I'm also a fool for redheads. Therefore these three pics tell quite well what I'd love to do with this lady... with or without switched positions ;) I could equally well be the one fucking her or the one being fucked by here, as long as I get to suck her delicious, hard clit <3

And once again, just in case: I am in none of these pics and I don't look like a girl at all. It's another sad, sad fact of life :'(

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Yeah.... oh yeah!


I did buy a buttplug and some cockrings becaues I desired them so badly... To make things even more interesting, I've worn them at work too. So very naughty and so very exciting ;)

First go

I was chatting online with another girlie and I told her that I had taken my brand-spanking-new plug with me just so I could tell her about it. She was excatic and urged me to plug myself asap! Circumstances being what they were, I had to wait and then it took time.

First, of course, I went to the bathroom with my heart in my throat. Locked all doors I could lock and took quietly my shoes and pants off. With my own saliva I lubricated the plug and as it has a suction cup in the bottom, put its tip against my moistened hole and the other end onto the wall. Leaning forward and pushing backward I was first penetrated and then filled up slowly and deliciously.


Maybe you can imagine how difficult it was to keep noises down ;) Of course I didn't just push it straight in but fucked it inside me, feeling very slutty. Especially when my buttcheeks hit the wall repeatedly. When I felt it was enough for the time being, I pulled up my g-string and headed back to my place, walking slowly and carefully.

And then...

I then told her and she loved to hear about it and was so turned on that I did such a thing for her. Took pics, even, but I'm not sharing all that here... At some point I noticed that I could take the plug out a bit and ride it on my chair. As long as no one would notice! That was sweet and damn sexy. My lady friend got so heated up in the end that she went for her own plug and panties and was making them wet with precum within minutes!

Finally, after a lenghty and naughty chat session we both headed towards our toilets for release. Myself, I first backed up against the wall and refucked myself with my plug and then sat on the toilet seat, facing backwards, riding the plug like mad! I had at first tried to put on my cockrings, but after putting on the largest one around my sack, the next one that's supposed to go to the base of the shaft, barely went over the head... So I had to leave 2/3 of my rings off.

Didn't matter, I came like the oldest of the faithfuls <3 Took a bit to clean up my mess but I was the second to last to leave work that day, it was safe. Phew.

Just so you know, I'm plugged, cockringed and wearing my precummy black g-string right now while I'm writing this. And telling you is such a turn-on ;)