Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Something non-revelationary

Every once in a while I get an occasional piece of fan-mail. I'm called hot, sexy and most amazing of all, beautiful. This always comes from people who have never seen me. As things should be, if you ask me.
My guess is that these people have never read what I've said because I think I tell pretty clearly what I am and what I am not. Or at least I meant to do so.

Attempting to fix a common misconception

Anyway, this situation both amuses and confuses me. I guess some people assume I'm someone like Bailey Jay, Hazel Tucker, Sarina Valentina, Domino Presley or Paloma Longo. Well, here's a newsflash: you who do so, are sorely mistaken :P

My method

There's no way I'm posting a full photo of myself in here. One major reason for that is that I don't even have one :D So I have to use a body stand-in like movie stars and celebrities!

stunt double
disclaimer: this is not me

I don't look like this person at all. This just happened to be the first photo I came across with when looking for a suitable pic for this post. She's close enough: she doesn't look like a shemale pornstar, either and she's got a similar body type. Our lingerie preferences seem to go very differently but that's life.

Maybe now I get less super-inaccurate comments. Or maybe I lose all my fans and followers this very instant! We're living in exciting times, my friends.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Pic time!

Random pics

It's time for some random pics again :) Why pics and nothing personal and such? Nothing interesting has happened to me lately, that's why. My life's been damn boring, so I've had nothing to tell :/

It sucks, I know. Trust me, I do know...

Be still!

Nice pose

Cute lady

Or move a bit

Riding girls are fucking hot. Almost as hot as 69-girls. Mmmmmmm...
Blonde riding furiously

Throatfucked, stroking gurl

As Yoda once famously said: cum, good food, cum! :p