Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thoughts again


I seem to think quite a lot about what I am. Maybe it's all affected by what I see online and in what kind of a mood. But all in all: things change, my opinions change and some things I haven't been interested in start interesting me while some old "cool" things start seeming less awesome. Does it make any sense to you? I sure hope so.


Not too long ago I was thinking of how the idea of some light bondage had started to grow into me. That hasn't gone away or lessened, let's put it that way :) And if that could be combined with something like what you see in the pic above...

Of course if that was me, I'd be wearing some adorable, whore-red lingerie and those dudes would be gurls instead. That's what I love and fantasize about <3 Nowadays that's almost constantly, at home, at work, everywhere in between. The problem with this? It's somehow frustrating, as my unendurable shyness most likely will prevent this for the rest of my life :(