Monday, December 10, 2012

Demandy fuckers, wtf?

Social media. Sometimes it's just fun and games, sometimes fucking annoying.
I always like chatting with people and usually accept friend requests and all that. Why not? Most people are nice and there's nothing wrong, but then there are those I've ranted about before.

The demanding assholes

Some of them bother to begin with some pleasantries, some go to "TELL ME YOUR ASL!!!!11" mode instantly. Yeah, I can see how that works for you... but not for me. Fuck off.
I've already lost count of the people who ask me to join a 'cam session with them. They never tell me what for. And I always reply that I don't have Skype, MSN or a webcam. In about 99% of the cases the person gets offended!
What the fucking fuck?
Yeah, they get offended. I get messages like "WHY DO U HATE ME." and "WHY YOU NO MSN ME I WNT 2 C U DEAR!!!!!!!!". I also love the all caps mode and the total lack of grammar.


In a good bunch of cases they just start demanding nude pics sent to their emails. What? One beautiful private message I got from one of these people said simply "SEND ME MY EMAIL". Did I promise you something? When? And what? I really didn't, so: fuck off.


I'm not sending nudes (or any other sort of pics) to anyone just because they demand it. I'm also not going to run and buy a webcam because you think want to see me. And I especially am not going to do anything you want just because you bitch and moan and get rude about it. All you get that way is a permanent blocking and utter ignorance.

Sorry about the rant, I just can't help it sometimes :p These people just rub me the wrong way :)