Thursday, November 1, 2012

Taking sides

My side, your side, my side, your side, my side - your side!

I hate this guy with a passion

Right. The point is... I've been pondering things again. And yes, I know it's sometimes dangerous :P Can't help it, though. This may be something that interests no one but me, so consider yourselves warned.

The tale of two mes

Obviously for a closeted crossdresser such as myself there are at least two sides in life. One's the everyday me that goes to work and does stuff as usual. And then there's the other one, who's known (or isn't known at all) as Johanna. Johanna's the one who gets dressed somewhat differently from the everyday side and does things the other one doesn't do.
This is clear and simple to everyone.

The funny thing is, when the everyday me is at work and does Johanna's stuff online. Those things include chatting with people and lazily updating this silly blog, for instance. Now that isn't funny in itself, but the way it makes me feel... that's pretty damn funny.
Here I am, in my everyday me activities ("working") and in my everyday clothes. But I feel like Johanna. And that's not always a good thing at the office as you may believe :P

You people can't imagine how badly I'd love to wear some obscenely naughty lingerie and a cockring under my clothes right now... or maybe you can ;) Just thinking of it excites me... a bit too much right now. I think I'd waste those days with porn and not working at all. Even more than nowadays.
Not a bad idea ;)