Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Immense busyness

Johanna's a busy bee sometimes

Hello dear readers :) My posting has been slow lately because I wouldn't want to fill my silly blog with silly filler - I'd like to have some kind of a point to these, otherwise you'd be reading something else, I guess :p Or maybe you're all just here for the pics I happen to come across every once in a while, how could I know? :p

In any case this time I've got nothing awesome to share and I'm sorry about that. Life's been boring for the last few weeks but that's better than my life was sucking badly, isn't it? Of course there's a good kind of sucking and bad kind of sucking and if life sucks, it's most definitely the bad kind of sucking. That's something I believe we all agree on.

This lady would most definitely get a good kind of sucking from me and I'd also like to receive one from her ;)

Sarina Valentina
Ah, daydreams.... <3