Thursday, June 28, 2012

More pics

Here's some more stuff I've encountered
I like her flexibility

So fucking hot...

Beauty in fishnets

Pretty with a huge clitty

Close to Perfection

A girl riding another girl - Perfection



I'd like to replace him on her... and do 69 instead ;)

This turns me on so easily...

Sexy secretary ;)

I'm in love

Love the g-string

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I love red

Everyone who knows me knows that red lingerie does things to me... There's nothing I can do about it and there's nothing I want to do about it, either. I enjoy it. I love it.

Red is perfect

So here's some pics I've encountered. I wish, I really wish I knew who these people are ;)

In case something's photoshopped and not real: I don't mind, these pics are wonderful anyway <3

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Paloma the beautiful

Paloma Longo from Brazil

Geeplus oddities again

I thought that maybe my triplex album in g+ was the reason I got suspended, I downloaded all the photos and deleted the whole album. Then I humbly requested yet another review. Let's see how that goes. Or doesn't.

A sneak peek into what's coming

A tiny compensation for You

Anyway, if I can't share lovely Paloma's pics with my friends in that place, I'll share these with anyone who happens to pop by this silly blog :) And that's also to compensate for my endless rantings, you'll need something nice for a change ;) Hihi.

My favourite xxx actress

So here's Paloma Longo - or Paloma Baradiso - as she's known in some circles. It doesn't matter, she's wonderful in any case. Amazingly she's a full year younger than I am (read: she's born in 1982). Beautiful, awesome, perfect Paloma <3 *sigh*
Without further ado and stalling, here's some pics of her from one (fucking hot) clip of hers:

That's all for now ^_^ Hope you like this picset as much as I do ;)