Tuesday, May 22, 2012

An odd chat with an anonymous guy

Straight to the point

One day last week I happened to get a couple of pm's from a random dude in a nordic service I am a member of. All his profile revealed was his age (41), nothing else, as it usually goes... He went straight to business, asking if I wanted to do the nasty with him. I don't mind that kind of an approach, btw, it's refreshing in a way, honest:P

My usual issues

Of course, being shy, I didn't just promise anything, but I told that I'm shy and all that. Because I am very shy and very, very reserved about these things. And this guy was just a generic "user icon" with an age, nothing else. I mean, what kind of a profile is that to begin with?

Oh well, I shall not complain about that now.

He urged me to talk so I did. I told him what I'd love to be able to do with another (dicked) person. He didn't get disencouraged by it, which excited me. Even after my multiple warnings about not looking girly or anything, he wanted to hear more so I indulged him :) I was getting pretty horny already so I got dressed up and worked on myself while telling him what I crawed for.


As I've written here before, I want to be a slut. Should we meet, I'd dress up in my sluttiest outfit for him: long socks attached to garters, a tight corselet and a supersexy g-string.... Oh yes... Just as I was telling him, I got hard just by thinking of all that, not to mention that I was sharing these desires with someone. Even if he was a complete namesless stranger.

That outfit would be hidden under my everyday clothing, I'd go to whatever private place already dressed up so all I'd have to do would be to drop my covers and be revealed in all my sluttiness. I'd show myself all around for him to enjoy, hoping he'd like what he sees.
Not my pic, I don't wear pink and I'm a bit different-looking anyway ;)
Should he like me as I am, I'd be a very, very happy girl ;)

I'd go an all fours, crawling towards him like an obedient slutservant, then lower his trousers... I'd find his bulge and give the head of his still somewhat relaxed dick a gentle kiss through his underwear. That he'd like and I'd teasingly pull down his underwear, revealing a slowly but steadily growing cock <3

"That sounds very hot" he said to me, "please tell more"
Mmmmmmmmmhhhhh... I just loved to hear that. So I told him more about what I'd love to do:

The head would get another gentle, shy kiss from me. And another. And another. I'd play with his balls and lick all around his growing cock and smooth balls while his erection gets harder. My own cock would be hard and precum would be flowing, I'd be horny beyond reason <3
I'd take the whole hard cock in my mouth, lick it, suck it, stroke it and do generally whatever pleases him. While pleasing his cock I'd look him in the eyes so I could see him enjoy my doings.

An awful anticlimax

Then he just disappeared. No more communications, nothing. Thanks. I guess he didn't like my idea at all :|

*sigh* What could I do with that kind of people? Nothing really. One just has to bear it, I guess.

Self-help to the rescue

So I browsed for some hot ts-porn (ashemaletube.com is a wonderful, wonderful site for a cd-girl in need) and enjoyed myself properly <3 I keep dreaming that I get to do some 69 with another horny cd-girl someday soon <3

Someday... but preferably wearing red

Monday, May 21, 2012


Logged in google today, found out that my g+ profile is suspended because something isn't cool. Everything was cool for a long while but now, suddendly, it isn't. Again.

Obviously I submitted my profile for a review because I don't think I've shared publicly anything outrageous or "harmful to children" for example. I foresee that my request will be turned down and despite that they say "If approved, your profile will have normal access. Otherwise, you’ll see an email that your request was denied and your profile will continue to be suspended. At that point, you can still re-edit your profile or name and submit it for review.", I will receive no email and more importantly no explanation. I won't get to hear what's wrong and how to get my profile unlocked again.

Google's motto used to be "Don't be evil" but this feels quite evil to me.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fuck you, google+ censorship

Just about everybody and their neighbours knows how retardedly google+ handles "adult" content. I've complained about that before, I know, I'm sorry in advance. Somehow I just can't wrap my brain around the fact that adults couldn't share adult content between each other.

I'd accept that sharing porn in completely "Public" posts or maybe even those shared with your "Extended Circles" (because you can't know who other people add to their circles) isn't allowed, ok. But if I know who receives the naughty pic or vid I share, especially if all these are consenting adults, what's wrong with that? Nothing.

Unless you ask g+ people, of course. Even blogger has an "adult" flag that can be set so people won't end up looking at nipples or other Dangerous things completely by accident :D

Yeah, I know, fecesbook is just as retarded or even worse, if and when possible. But I'm not in fb so I'm not complaining about them ;)

Circumventing the stupidity

A good while ago I shared a bunch of pics in an album to my circelets, but some of the pics were slowly (some very quickly) flagged and therefore unavailable to my circles. So I post them here again and then share a link to the post. Tada, my friends can see these images again and everyone's happy ^_^ 
Sharing is caring:


Seventeen of her pics were censored. A bunch because of a fucking nipple! WTF?
Oh the pretty boobs she has, I'm envious

Oh my :)~


I'd blow her this instant <3

She's huge!

Huge and beautiful ;)~

Mmmmh, wish I could replace that toy ;)

You tease <3

Wow <3

Oh yeah <3

I'd love to make you hard ;)


Just one of three Iodine's pics got flagged
I'd kill to get to join the action

Unknown girl 0

All I had was this one, very dressy

Unknown girl 1

I wish I had more of her pics, much more...
Well hello there <3

Unknown girl 2

This one's a pro, but I've got no clue of her name :(

Unknown girl 3

A couple of nice pics

Smooooth and nice <3

Unknown girl 4

What an ass, not to mention the short white skirt
Oh babe <3



Unknown girl 5

Ouch with the piercing down there :o
Lickable <3

Hey, don't waste time with your fingers... ;)

Unknown girl 6

If there's more of her (with a name), please let me know!
Precummy <3

Unknown girl 7


Ah :)