Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A couple of items I got

Hello everyone :) As I said in my earlier post, I did go for some quick shopping. Actually it was the same afternoon! Because I didn't have much time and the weather was awful, I could only visit one sex shop. One.
That shop had been a very good source of toys and outfits before but it had recently changed ownership. Somehow only the outfit racks were noticeably affected... to a slightly worse status.

Shopping round going wrong
So I went to the shop and strolled around, as shyly as always. Somehow, even if I know that no one's paying attention to me because they have their own business to attend to, I feel shy. Shy and excited. Walking around interesting items and very nice looking sexy outfits turns me on visibly.

Yeah, I have a hardon most of the time, what can I do? :P There weren't many other customers anyway, so it didn't matter much. I kept going around, searching.

Naturally as I had composed my list just before, I knew what kind of stuff I was looking for. None of those exact items were findable! Absolutely none of them and this is one of the biggest sex shops in the city (I think). I was somewhat disappointed. No red sexy lingerie in the whole place. How can that happen? For real?

A fellow xdresser was around <3
During my wandering I noticed that someone came out of the "special" door in the back. Wearing a silvery vinyl miniskirt and a top, a curious hairdo and makeup. It didn't take too many milliseconds to realize that she was like me but in action. She went straight to some toys, close to where I was. She smelled of of lubricant and that got both my mind and blood racing :D Being my shy self I was admiring her from afar and after a way too short while at the toy rack she went back in.

I've never been there myself, though what I've heard and read it's a place where older men stroll around afternoon and younger people go in the evening. Among other things. Had I had the time (and the daring), I'd gone after her to see what she was up to. Looking at her disappearing ass I was wishing I dared to do the same, to dress up and go somewhere... But, in the end, I'm a shy coward :(

A hasty backup set
My time was somewhat limited so I couldn't stay there all day and I wanted, no, needed to get something. I went through the aisles again, looking for similar stuff that was close enough to what I had daydreamed about. Somehow they didn't seem to have a single set of corselets, which I found really confusing. None of the bodies looked hot to me, so I had to give up that part for now. In the end I found a small set that consisted of a black vinyl garter with straps and black long socks. Not bad, not bad. To accompany that set I went for a black thong. Black is almost as good as red, but it still isn't red.

The accessory department
I skipped the butt plug shelves completely because on my initial round I hadn't seen anything I really, really liked. So to the accessories I went. They had a few different types of cockrings. Some of those I had tried but disliked a lot for various reasons. Of course they didn't have the thing I had wanted, that'd been a bit too nice I guess :P In the end I decided to give a try to those triple rings. Three separate rings made of semirigid material. The one I had wanted would've had two so I thought that I could use two out of three and achieve the result I wanted, no? I got that so I can say I've tried.

These items I bought and took home with me. I unpacked them with trembling hands and took a couple of pics so I could share what I got. And then I tried them out :)

I felt good in the garter and socks, but the thong was a bit on the tight side for me... Which is a huge pity. Not that I keep them completely on for long, anyway ;) The rings weren't too bad, I just have to learn how to use them properly. There are a couple of photos I managed to take before I got carried away and made a huge mess on my body ;)

Someday I'll go and get some more lingerie to go with that garter of mine. And I guess I must get a new thong as well... I just hope and dream I'd get to wear them with someone. A someone who's also dressed up like a slut <3

Thursday, March 1, 2012


To anyone who reads this: I'm sorry in advance, this is not a fun post. I'm seething.

I did go shopping after my last post (wasn't as succesful as I hoped, but got something at least <3), but since that I've been awfully busy at work so I haven't the time to post again until now. Funnily enough one morning almost a month ago I had a moment to check what goes on in google+, to my surprise I saw that my account was suspended. No explanation was provided, the info text just contained two links in addition to the usual crap. One link pointed to the naming policy and other to the content policy. I didn't think I had broken any of either ruleset. Apparently I was wrong somehow.

So I've been trying to figure out what the fuck is wrong and why. I edit my profile details, hit the "request a review" button and wait. After a couple of days I check again and see that it's been denied. No details.  Whenever you request a new review, the thing claims that you'll get an email telling if it was denied - if the thing goes through, you get to use g+ again. Over these almost four weeks I've retried more than ten times easily, guess the amount of emails I've received? Zero. What the hell?

Every single time I've been wondering the same thing: what is wrong with my profile? Why can't they tell me what's bothering them? I've sent generic feedback twice, but obviously it's nothing that requires any reaction. So I've kept re-editing random pieces of data, a couple of days ago I even deleted about half my public posts because hey, maybe there's something wrong with them instead? The Content Policy says something vague about shit harmful to kids and child porn being not allowed (surprise?), but I had only shared one xxx-pic publicly and that had been flagged just about instantly. So I deleted whatever I thought that someone could've seen or read somewhere. So far I haven't thought that a couple of swearwords would cause a total profile suspension, but maybe I have to check for those too :S

It's just frustrating. I'd love to use g+ pretty actively and I don't see how I could've done something wrong but no fucking one tells me anything! How can I fix what's wrong if I don't have the faintest clue of what goes on? Why can't they point out the fuckup?

Perkele >:(