Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Real-life meeting thoughts

It could be doable - even for me - to arrange a meeting with a fellow crossdresser, just a meeting. Going for a coffee with no naughty plans or anything. Of course anything could happen, but still, that's not the point with this kind of  a meeting. These're supposed to be a "let's chat in real life and see if we hit off" kind of a thing.

stock photo

That may sound boring to anyone else, but do imagine this from my viewpoint.
You'd meet someone who you know to be a fellow crossdresser - and that the other one knows exactly what you are too. You have talked about your fantasies, fetishes and desires. Your favourite pornstars, clips, types of lingerie, sex toys and masturbation habits. Of sucking cock, all that girly talk at least I love ;) I mean, why meet someone whom you know nothing of?

To me that alone would be fucking arousing.

Going for a cup of coffee in a coffee place - or for an afterwork beer in a bar, chatting about everyday-like topics. Seeing your fellow-perv and imagining him as her... in her favourite lingerie. You've seen her be slutty in photos and you can rest assured that she's most likely imagining you the exact same way, remembering your comments and seeing your pics in her mind's eye!

I know I'd suddendly realize that at some point and most likely blush. Or lose my usual speech pattern, stutter a bit, get totally lost or something like it. That'd tell the other one that I got seriously distracted - and in this case I don't think it'd take a genious to figure out why so. This in turn could lead to more inner revelations and hopefully some very obscene thoughts <3

Of course in this example of mine the whole meetup had been agreed to be a "civilian clothes only", to avoid adding any extra pressure on the participants. But I think that even if that was agreed on, I might put on lingerie anyway. If I had any, that is.
Then, if the mood was good and the other party seemed worth it, I'd sneakily show a bit of a shoulder strap... ;)

Not exactly like this but while scratching the collarbone region, for example...
Purposefully but still sneakily revealing something...
Yes, I would totally "come out" to someone that way. I know I would be about to panic but also getting very horny and lusty. The preconditions for the revelation would make sure of it, of course. I wouldn't do anything that risky for someone I wasn't feeling confident with. Common sense? Should be!

I'm not saying that I'd immediately jump into the first free toilet or closet to suck, be sucked, fuck or be fucked or anything. What is my point is - it is to verify my girl-self to someone in good confidence and gauge their reaction. Doing that would not be a promise of sexytimes or anything, just a show of faith in the other party.

As always this is just another case of Johanna's neverending empty talk because nothing like this will never happen. Most likely. Right now I've got zero pieces of lingerie and zero toys. Without lingerie I'm nothing, nothing but hot air and unfulfillable fantasies.