Friday, April 17, 2015

Springy thoughts

Since the last post our guardians of the moral compass at google had turned their coats as if they were politicians. So yay! Porn blogs can stay and that's awesome :) My guess is that they feared all the bloggers and readers moving on to something that works perfectly with porn: Tumblr.


Not much has changed in my life lately, as you may have guessed by my slow, crawling updates. My week off didn't happen in the late winter / early spring, but it's looking more and more possible now. When? Autumn, that's when, if it happens. Summer won't be doable, nor winter. Still, it's not in my hands :)

I'm looking forward to that and as I said the last time, you'll know as soon as possible :) That would lead to shopping for slutty lingerie and new photos! My existing photos of myself in proper lingerie are now quite old, maybe even four years old at best - a few more at worst.

Of course I've taken pics of myself in just the g-string and panties I mentioned buying earlier. Those pics aren't just what I'd share here, they're not good enough ;) One great, wonderful, beautiful and sexy thing I've managed to achieve lately is: shaving my girly bits <3 I think I got there about two months ago now, at least. And I still haven't got used to the feeling! I keep caressing and fondling my smooth nutsacks... the feeling's just so good and wonderful.

Perhaps this is just silly and nonsensical blabbering to many of you, I wouldn't know. To me it's enormously important and it makes me feel both sexy and horny as fuck :) The perfect small things in life :)

Now what I need is a gurl to play with me if and when that week of mine happens for real. A gurl or two :) Not that I'm beyond going to Vogue or Keltainen Ruusu, either, but that's not quite the same I think. I have desires and I intend to take care of them one way or another.