Tuesday, May 28, 2013



It's so rare to find anyone to chat online nowadays. No, I'm not missing those arrogant, demandy bitches I've complained about before. I miss those nice people I used to talk to :) Where the hell is everyone?

It'd be so wonderful to talk naughty and share some obscene fantasies live instead of just posting about them somewhere... With someone who understands the difficulties in the closet-cd girl's weird life.

Don't take this wrong!

Bitching and moaning about others being busy isn't what I'm on about. I am merely wondering what happens with my online girlfriends and when would they be around.
Because I'd love to keep in touch with the ladies :)

My fantasy world

To compensate for the lack of chatty friends I enjoy my fantasies :P Fantasies like my hotel-room scenario I posted about earlier, but as time goes on it lives on as well. That's one of the things I'd enjoy sharing with someone, in real time instead of just typing stuff here.

I didn't find the pic I was going for, because I think it's gone the way of the dodo. A shame, because it was a damn hot pic, for some reason. Usually I'm not into bondage but this one made me want to be the girl in the pic... just with red, slutty lingerie ;)

Fuuuck me
This should be me playing with another girl's clit

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Purged again

As the topic tells, I've purged my few girly belongings again :(
Not that I had many things, but still. My garter belt, black stockings and cockring. All gone.

Purged equipment, it's always sad, no matter what it is

Why did I do that?

Not to try to stop or because of shame, but because I had nowhere to keep them anymore. Nor do I have enough opportunities to dress up nowadays. I thought that the best and simplest course of action was to get rid of those things and hopefully get new and much better ones when times are better.
My decision was made infinitely easier by the fact that I had never been that much into this black very incomplete set of mine. The set was also substandard, it was more like a "this is what I found so I'll go with it" instead of what it should've been: what I was looking for and eager for.

That's just life.


Thursday, May 2, 2013

More Barb E. Dahl!

I found a few clips of the wonderfully beautiful Barb E Dahl in ashemaletube, so I'll link you there. Spread the good thing(s), they say and I agree wholeheartedly ;)

Cam session


There aren't many different vids of her, but it's more than nothing! Hot cutie, that's what she is! Oh yes <3