Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Shopping desires are resurfacing again

My displeasure with that black set I got earlier this year has only grown as time has passed. Not that the black stockings or the garter belt is bad or anything, they just aren't red. And as I have complained, the g-string isn't what I went for ;)

After a bit of googling

This is what I found from a sex shop that's pretty handily acessible to me. A nice set in red!
Front view

And the rear view
The funny thing is that at least the online catalogues of all the sex shops in Helsinki have very few sets nowadays... the lists used to span pages and pages, now not so much. And I have absolutely no clue, why. Of course the online-only shops have better selections but at the moment those aren't what I go for.


I'd love to get this set for me, I miss wearing red so much. Of course it'd be beyond wonderful to show myself to someone in sexy red lingerie <3 To begin with ;)
Maybe I'll pop by that shop someday soon, even... Meanwhile I'll just keep daydreaming of me being in that pic.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Some more Iodine

I just came across a small set of Iodine's pics! So the first thing I thought of was "reshare to anyone who appreciates her!". That's what this is about ;)
The previous pics can be found in the old post.

A new set of eight Iodine photos

She's so pretty. She's so sexy. She's adorable.


A promise

Revealing her sweetness

Hotness <3

You're thinking of her riding you, aren't you? ;)

Cutie <3

A fucking hot view

That ass is calling for a cock ;)

Monday, September 17, 2012


I envy this girl so much... why can't I be as pretty and sexy as she is?
That body... and that outfit... <3

I'll try to be more active again, now that my vacation's done for the season :) There are a few things running in my head but nothing's been worth posting about yet. You'll get to see them when they're ready :)