Monday, April 30, 2012


This time all I'm going to post is this, a single image that was flagged by g+ so most of my circelets could never even see it. It's a shame so here it goes:
A moment of perfection

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


The last time I told about the things I bought to replace my purged collection. At that point I hadn't done much more than quickly trying them out, but a while I ago I had a good week for enjoying them to the fullest ;)

To begin with I was getting in the mood by enjoying certain google+ content, you know, stories and pics. I also got my hands on a few tranny porn films, one of them by my all-time favourite shemale star Paloma Longo (or Paloma Baradiso, she's used a few names)! To my great enjoyment I found out that VLC can take screencaps, too, so I took a good bunch so I could share them around :) Sadly g+ policies are such that they flagged them all as 'inappropriate' :/ Meh.

But I digress.

So I checked quickly through the vids to see which ones are the best (if any) and to decide which to pay more attention to ;) When I had my choices made, I was pretty damn well in the mood ;) I crankedthe volume up and had Paloma's video playing...

Getting started
With Paloma doing some very nice things to Whatever Hisnameis and moaning excitingly, I got undressed. First I put on the garter belt, then the long black socks. Obviously the next part was the garters, click clack they went. On top of I put on the g-strings that were a tiny bit too tight but the tightness felt kinda good... They kept my cock tightly in place, so tightly it almost hurt a bit.

Getting it on
Being so restricted feels sexy and after a while of just watching sweet Paloma sucking cock and then being fucked was becoming too much for me. I slipped my swelling cock out of the g-string thong and grabbed the three rings. The first one went around the base, feeling nicely tight already <3 Then the second one went around my balls and the last one down the shaft, in front of the sack. I felt horny, somewhat slutty and my cock was leaking precum already and I hadn't really even done anything yet! <3
Not wearing a corselet was something I missed a lot, those things add a lot to the slutty feeling ;) But what could I do about that at this point? Nothing. I kept watching and listening to my porn, fondling myself and getting to the edge very, very quickly. Somehow I managed to control myself and I stopped for a while.
You all know where this is heading, don't you? ;)

Getting to the edge
At this point I changed the video to something Italian. It, too, was very enjoyable :) While watching it I kept fondling my balls, my ass and myself in general, trying to avoid my cock itself for the most of the time. I wanted to keep myself running hot but not too hot. Precum was flowing again in sexy quantities. Oh yes...

And getting off
I kept doing this for about an hour, which is much longer I've ever managed before :P When I was really blinded by my lust I switched Paloma on again ;) While looking at her sucking a cock I wanted a cock in my mouth, too... when she got one in her tight ass I wanted to be fucked, too. At that moment I just didn't have the toys to help me with that and I was alone, so I couldn't get the cock I desired :(

<3 How could anyone resist her? <3

With sweet, cute, sexy-as-fuck Paloma being plowed for who knows how manieth time that evening I was on the edge again, this time I just couldn't turn back anymore. One hand was caressing my balls, the other gently pointing my dick at my face, I could feel the tingle inside me. I opened my mouth, extended my tongue and bent at my hard, precummy cock... Then, with some ball-fondling and very gentle stroking I came like a thousand cannons <3 Shooting cum on my face, in my mouth, on my neck and chest. It was so good I shuddered afterwards.

Oh, how I wish I could've shared that with another CD or a transgender <3