Monday, December 10, 2012

Demandy fuckers, wtf?

Social media. Sometimes it's just fun and games, sometimes fucking annoying.
I always like chatting with people and usually accept friend requests and all that. Why not? Most people are nice and there's nothing wrong, but then there are those I've ranted about before.

The demanding assholes

Some of them bother to begin with some pleasantries, some go to "TELL ME YOUR ASL!!!!11" mode instantly. Yeah, I can see how that works for you... but not for me. Fuck off.
I've already lost count of the people who ask me to join a 'cam session with them. They never tell me what for. And I always reply that I don't have Skype, MSN or a webcam. In about 99% of the cases the person gets offended!
What the fucking fuck?
Yeah, they get offended. I get messages like "WHY DO U HATE ME." and "WHY YOU NO MSN ME I WNT 2 C U DEAR!!!!!!!!". I also love the all caps mode and the total lack of grammar.


In a good bunch of cases they just start demanding nude pics sent to their emails. What? One beautiful private message I got from one of these people said simply "SEND ME MY EMAIL". Did I promise you something? When? And what? I really didn't, so: fuck off.


I'm not sending nudes (or any other sort of pics) to anyone just because they demand it. I'm also not going to run and buy a webcam because you think want to see me. And I especially am not going to do anything you want just because you bitch and moan and get rude about it. All you get that way is a permanent blocking and utter ignorance.

Sorry about the rant, I just can't help it sometimes :p These people just rub me the wrong way :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Taking sides

My side, your side, my side, your side, my side - your side!

I hate this guy with a passion

Right. The point is... I've been pondering things again. And yes, I know it's sometimes dangerous :P Can't help it, though. This may be something that interests no one but me, so consider yourselves warned.

The tale of two mes

Obviously for a closeted crossdresser such as myself there are at least two sides in life. One's the everyday me that goes to work and does stuff as usual. And then there's the other one, who's known (or isn't known at all) as Johanna. Johanna's the one who gets dressed somewhat differently from the everyday side and does things the other one doesn't do.
This is clear and simple to everyone.

The funny thing is, when the everyday me is at work and does Johanna's stuff online. Those things include chatting with people and lazily updating this silly blog, for instance. Now that isn't funny in itself, but the way it makes me feel... that's pretty damn funny.
Here I am, in my everyday me activities ("working") and in my everyday clothes. But I feel like Johanna. And that's not always a good thing at the office as you may believe :P

You people can't imagine how badly I'd love to wear some obscenely naughty lingerie and a cockring under my clothes right now... or maybe you can ;) Just thinking of it excites me... a bit too much right now. I think I'd waste those days with porn and not working at all. Even more than nowadays.
Not a bad idea ;)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Immense busyness

Johanna's a busy bee sometimes

Hello dear readers :) My posting has been slow lately because I wouldn't want to fill my silly blog with silly filler - I'd like to have some kind of a point to these, otherwise you'd be reading something else, I guess :p Or maybe you're all just here for the pics I happen to come across every once in a while, how could I know? :p

In any case this time I've got nothing awesome to share and I'm sorry about that. Life's been boring for the last few weeks but that's better than my life was sucking badly, isn't it? Of course there's a good kind of sucking and bad kind of sucking and if life sucks, it's most definitely the bad kind of sucking. That's something I believe we all agree on.

This lady would most definitely get a good kind of sucking from me and I'd also like to receive one from her ;)

Sarina Valentina
Ah, daydreams.... <3

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Shopping desires are resurfacing again

My displeasure with that black set I got earlier this year has only grown as time has passed. Not that the black stockings or the garter belt is bad or anything, they just aren't red. And as I have complained, the g-string isn't what I went for ;)

After a bit of googling

This is what I found from a sex shop that's pretty handily acessible to me. A nice set in red!
Front view

And the rear view
The funny thing is that at least the online catalogues of all the sex shops in Helsinki have very few sets nowadays... the lists used to span pages and pages, now not so much. And I have absolutely no clue, why. Of course the online-only shops have better selections but at the moment those aren't what I go for.


I'd love to get this set for me, I miss wearing red so much. Of course it'd be beyond wonderful to show myself to someone in sexy red lingerie <3 To begin with ;)
Maybe I'll pop by that shop someday soon, even... Meanwhile I'll just keep daydreaming of me being in that pic.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Some more Iodine

I just came across a small set of Iodine's pics! So the first thing I thought of was "reshare to anyone who appreciates her!". That's what this is about ;)
The previous pics can be found in the old post.

A new set of eight Iodine photos

She's so pretty. She's so sexy. She's adorable.


A promise

Revealing her sweetness

Hotness <3

You're thinking of her riding you, aren't you? ;)

Cutie <3

A fucking hot view

That ass is calling for a cock ;)

Monday, September 17, 2012


I envy this girl so much... why can't I be as pretty and sexy as she is?
That body... and that outfit... <3

I'll try to be more active again, now that my vacation's done for the season :) There are a few things running in my head but nothing's been worth posting about yet. You'll get to see them when they're ready :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Found another hot girl

A couple of days ago I came across a very nice photoset and thought I'd share it. I wish I had the faintest clue of who she is :) And I wish I was even a percent as cute as she is...

Hotness! <3

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It's a me, a Johanna!


The last time I got pretty excited with the single bad, tightly cropped photo I posted. Somehow I actually got positive feedback about it so I thought I'll give it another go :)
This set is taken when I got my black set a while ago and therefore I'm not that happy about any of them. And nothing's red :( Someday, someday... :)

Some legs



Still kneeling
For some reason I got a bit nervous again, hopefully for nothing :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Once upon a time

What's this about, eh?

I was thinking of how I'd love something to happen. Yes, it's a daydream or a fantasy of mine :) Sadly it's all it is right now, not a "you can't believe what happened to me!" kind of story I could share here afterwards... but that's life, right?

Anyway, I thought I'd post it here because I enjoy it :) Hopefully someone likes reading it, too :) If not, it's cool too :)

My fantasy

Somewhere - anywhere - everywhere

So I've met someone online, a person with similar interests and likings. A fellow CD girl, to be more exact. We've talked a lot and shared pics and all that, and at some point we decide to meet somewhere. As usual, it takes a lot of work because people have complicated schedules and lives in general. But in the end a date and time is set.

Before I head to the meeting point I go by a nearby porn shop to acquire what I want and need for this occasion. A new set of pretty lingerie and accessories. Otherwise I wouldn't be fulfilling my fantasy, now would I?  ;)

At the given time I'm where I'm supposed to be and so is he. A very normal-looking person, who doesn't look like he crossdresses, but neither do I. We greet and I feel both excited and slightly nervous and we proceed to the hotel. He's taken care of the room already so we just head in. No one pays any attention to us.

The room

The hotel room's just a hotel room, nothing odd about that. I choose to change my clothes in the toilet and he does his doings in the room. I close the door behind me and take a deep breath. Next I unpack my lingerie and feel really nervous, but still excited. So I undress and glance at myself in the mirror. 

I start by getting in the corselet. It's pleasantly tight and feels just wonderful.
Next I put on the wonderfully sexy socks and connect them on the garters... and I feel so sexy already <3

As the last but definitely not the least of my items of lingerie I put on my deliciously hot g-string... my clitty gets so excited about all this that it's barely contained inside... and I love it!
Because I want to look and feel really sexy I try the heels for the first time. Hoping I survive them :) I also put on a wig and apply some nice red lipstick, hoping I am acceptable... 

Ready or not, here we go

As I'm completely set up I take a another good look in the mirror. I like the way I look, I love the whore-red lingerie I'm wearing and I really, really enjoy the way the g-string struggles to contain my slightly excited clitty. I feel naughty and at the same time very girly. My nervousness has mostly disappeared, which I appreciate.

I turn around, take a deep breath and open the door.

I step through to the room itself and see my friend is ready, too. She's sitting on the edge of the bed, legs crossed. I stand a couple of steps away, so she can see me nicely. Her eyes go from my face all the way down and they stop for a good while halfway down... then she finishes her visual inspection of me with a nice hint of a smile. I've kept staring at her lingerie-wrapped body and especially her ever tightening panties <3

She stands up and ...

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What I am anyway?

I was thinking of this whole "sissy" business yesterday evening for some reason. My conclusion was that some parts of it are more than awesome for me and some just aren't. That means that I'll do what I do as always and if someone gets offended or annoyed by it, it's not my problem in the least :)


As so many other deeply closeted crossdressers, I do this stuff on occasion. I'm not a full-time crossdresser or anything, I can't be and that's how it goes. Dressing up is something I do because I love it and how it makes me feel. But I don't always even feel like dressing up even if I had the chance.

Funnily enough when I write these posts and do anything online as Johanna I am and feel girly. Even if I do it at work where I most definitely don't wear my porny lingerie. Usually ;) Anyway, Johanna is a state of mind among other things. I kinda giggle by myself and so on. I'm not sure if I can even describe it, maybe someone does things that way and knows what I mean? I hope so at least :)

Anyway. My both sides are completely detached from each other as far as I can tell. My male-me doesn't giggle or do girly things. That's what Johanna does, she's that kind of a girl. And damn, she's a fucking lot naughtier than the other side! It's pretty amazing to realize :p

When the closet's door is shut

In my everyday male mode I don't think anyone could guess what I do on my rare free time. Or maybe I show up as a bright blip in someone's gaydar. Wouldn't know because no one's ever told me anything. 
Somehow I'd find it very interesting to hear what someone could say about me. For example, what a transgirl or a homosexual sees in my behaviour - if I betray myself (in a manner of speaking) by checking 'em out or anything. But I don't know anyone so I can't really go and ask. And if I knew, I don't think I'd dare to ask because that might give me out already. Damn, this is complicated! :p
This is definitely what I want to achieve!

Sissyness and how it sounds to me

Do stop me if this is pointless and stupid, I don't mind and I realize that I have a habit of rambling on. My point is that I'm trying to sort my thoughts out and if someone wants to comment on it, please, feel free! I'm more than interested in hearing you out :) Some of these things I've already mentioned in my earlier posts, but that happens because I'm iterating through my thoughts and feelings. Maybe I get something new about something and the repetition gives the reader some context, if for some sick reason they hadn't memorized everything I say ;)


Ok, so sissies are submissive. That's how I feel when I'm dressed up, I want to submit myself. 
Slutty? Not all sissies are sluts, I think, but many are. Being a slut is something that arouses and intrigues me quite a bit, so yeah, that's a definite thing for me.
Hmm. Now that I think of it, is there anything else that I love in the sissy thing? Besides the obvious girlyness and the aforementioned huge turn-ons of mine... I dunno.


I think that the number one "I'm not too interested in that " part in every sissy thing I've read / seen is the enforced chastity, often with a cage. Yes, I do realize that for some or most sissies that's the thing but hey, it doesn't appeal to me. And I don't do stuff that I'm not interested in on my free time - I've got a job for that purpose :p 
One other thing in this sissy business seems to be that the Significant Other knows about it and controls the sissy's sexual life or the lack of it. Obviously, being in a distant corner of Narnia myself, that's out of the question. So in a way I'm missing a huge part of the submissive part because it's just how I have to do things.


I'm going to cherry-pick what I like and drop what I don't like. Ha! And because labeling people and their doings is a bit useless in this world of ours where everyone's different, I don't think it makes any sense at all.  So in the end I keep doing what I do and I keep enjoying it, no matter what people call it. As long as I have fun, it's all cool, isn't it? :)

So I'll dress up as I want to and if I get to play with other cd-gurls or even tgirls, it'll go how it goes - I refuse to do things I don't want to and I'll try to do things I'd love to do. Consenting adults and all that <3

Kisses to anyone who bothered to read this :*

Wish I looked this hot :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A collection of female beauty in red

Everyone knows what a sucker I am for red lingerie ;) I came across this set of pics of Alinne Garcia and... well, couldn't help myself :) Obviously I want to share this set of beauty with you people, so here you go!

Alinne Garcia

The things I'd do to get to be involved in something like this... I'd do a lot, you know? ;) With an amazingly beautiful girl like her <3

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Still searching for Perfection

Oh my, what I'd do to get to be close to such a beautiful, sexy girl... Pure hotness :)

Monday, July 2, 2012



Judging by some blogger stats I thought that some people may be looking for my contact info. For whichever reasons, I don't know because I can't read minds. Yet ;)
Anyway, both my profiles do have the email address marked in somewhere, but it's a bit of a hassle methinks. So as a public service for whoever is looking for my inbox, I'll tell it:

  •  shemalelover dot johanna at gmail dot com
  •  johanna dot lahti81 at gmail dot com
So if you read this and felt like dropping me a line, go ahead :) I usually try to reply to everything as soon as I get to :) If it takes a while I've most likely just been offline and will return as soon as possible. And if you've been looking for my contact info, you're most welcome in advance :P


For some reason I just felt like doing this.A single, silly, tiny pic of my legs in my black stockings. And a bit of the garters and maybe, if you squint your eyes, a bit of my way too small black g-string. I don't know if anyone wanted to see that but there it is:

And holy fuck, how much this aroused me... letting someone see even a part of me. Well, I've shown pics of me before, but privately, not broadcasting like this... phew. 

Damn, did I get horny or what! <3

Thursday, June 28, 2012

More pics

Here's some more stuff I've encountered
I like her flexibility

So fucking hot...

Beauty in fishnets

Pretty with a huge clitty

Close to Perfection

A girl riding another girl - Perfection



I'd like to replace him on her... and do 69 instead ;)

This turns me on so easily...

Sexy secretary ;)

I'm in love

Love the g-string