Tuesday, August 2, 2011

An introduction of sorts


Never blogged anything before so bear with me :)
I'm "Johanna", a shy crossdresser with a slutty mindset. My goal is to be a good slut. Just thinking of it makes me horny as  fuck ;)

Lately I've had problems with my tech so I don't have any photos to post at the moment, but I'll fix that as soon as I can, in case anyone's interested, that is. Maybe I'll post a couple just in case to see what happens.

Anyway, I'm not trying to pass as a girl for real. I just love to wear naughty, slutty lingerie. So I won't be going out in my outfits, I'd be arrested for public indecency in a heartbeat :P I get dressed at home, nowhere else so far, but who knows what the future brings ;)

My favourite outfits are corsets with stockings, or just a top or a bra combined with a garter belt and stuockings. And I just adore g-strings so I always have them no matter what else I wear <3 Whore-red and black are my favourite colors, especially the red. There's something incredibly sexy about it :)

I fantasize about other "girls": CD's, transvestites and shemales. My long time fantasy has been to get dressed sluttily and serve another CD or a shemale. To suck a girl's throbbing cock. To have her load shot in my throat and all over me. To lick it hard again and then ride on it as if there was no tomorrow... both of us wearing the sexiest lingerie we own.
Maybe that could include more than just two people. An orgy.

I think I have to go to relieve myself now, thinking of all that made me way too horny again :P~